05 June 2013

Ethiopia is flexible about technical aspects of the GERD: from an interview with an Ethiopian on the official GERD committee

Going back through my interview notes today I came across a quote from one person I interviewed in Ethiopia that is specifically referring to this period reviewing the report on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The strange period we are in right now - politically strange. Ethiopia upsetting the cart by the timing of their announced diversion of the Nile, Egypt's return of "unwittingly" broadcasting threats to harm Ethiopia if this project continues...

The interview is from August of 2012 and the interviewee is a member of the official body that makes internal decisions about the GERD. "...although the political side of this dam is decided and complete, the technical decisions about the dam is ongoing, we are flexible to change if the analysis calls for it."

This interviewee explained that the International Panel of Experts for the GERD consists of representatives from Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia as well as outside "well-known" experts from France, Germany, Britain, and South Africa. Also stated that following the release of the report, Ethiopia would hold a conference to discuss.

Maybe this gives insight into the official processes happening now? Maybe things have changed since August?

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