22 June 2013

Tanzania Also Thinking About Nile Debate - Questions Egypt's Position of No Dialogue

Please find the link to a recent article from Tanzania on the Nile issue. I find it interesting that the other Nile basin countries are calling for communication on behalf of the Egypt-Ethiopia dam issue. The Blue Nile, to remind, traverses Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt. This is where the dam is being constructed and so it is not impacting the entire basin directly through the dam. Impacts, whatever they have been determined to be by the experts and engineers, will be directly felt in Sudan and perhaps Egypt. But the indirect impact of the GERD project is regional. The electricity generated is one thing, but the move for an African country that has been at peace for 8 years to engage in such an ambitious project, this is sending waves out across the nations, calling their attention to their own issues more soberly - realizing that the world has changed and there is a new moment to embrace.

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