30 May 2013

Ethiopia to divert Nile waters - Al Jazeera covers Grand Renaissance Dam

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is not a diversion dam, but to fill the dam, water will be held back in stages over time. Not sure what information the journalists are trying to instigate - a story is my guess. But check out Lama from Egypt! Way to go lady Lama!!!!


Quote from Lama:

"There is going to be positive and negative impacts .... With this infrastructure project and in order for us [Egyptians] to move forward, we need to focus on the win-win opportunities and solutions that can come about from this dam and how Egypt can begin to cooperate with Ethiopians ... in order to find that common ground where they can both begin to actually approach this dam together."
Lama el-Hatow, co-founder of water institute of the Nile and specialist in water governance and climate change. 

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