16 September 2015

Water Diplomacy Blog Features Nile Timeline from Tufts

Tufts University is known in the water world as one of the top water diplomacy studies programs in the world, if not the top. Recently I was sent a link to their Water Diplomacy Network blog for something related to the Nile River and found that they are publishing interesting articles for water resources discussions located all over the world. The blog is contributed to by students and professors and is a nice way to have exposure to the kinds of work they are doing in a more informal and accessible way.

There are some really cool products on this page. Among these is a fantastic visualization of the Nile River Basin country political timeline - the timeline, still in draft form, is interactive and is a really neat way to explore the events that lead to the present story of Nile politics. I look forward to the completed product! Another neat visualization is an interactive graph about the California water crisis - just hover over the graphic and various aspects of data are highlighted, giving a different way of understanding what California is dealing with right now as far as water consumption.

Have a look around at the articles, updates, highlights - there is information ranging from climate change to Nile hydropolitics to application of complexity science to negotiations. Enjoy!

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