10 November 2015

As Talks Move Forward Between Egypt, Ethiopia, & Sudan, More Speculation

Talks continue in Egypt this week between the Tripartite Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan, though news media reports that Egyptian officials said that Ethiopia's progress on the Renaissance Dam is outpacing negotiations. A recent Egyptian news dialogue with Dr. Haytham Awad explains what is happening and what is expected to happen with current negotiations. Ethiopia began construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in 2011 and the dam is said to be ready for commission in 2017. Updated photos online show incredible progress on the project, a result of 24/7 construction to meet schedule. This PR video by the company Salini, the Italian company helping the Ethiopian Electric Power Company (EEPCO) (at the time of this blogpost, the EEPCO pages are unavailable) with this (and many other) hydropower dam project. Things have come a long way from 2012 when I was there. There is a full on camp, the flow has been channeled, and there is quite a bit more of the actual, eventual, dam structure on both sides of the river.

I've just noticed that EEPCO as I knew it in 2012, was officially split into two corporations in 2013. One to manage electricity generation, the other electricity distribution. I will have more on this in another post.

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