15 December 2015

Beautiful National Geographic Images of the Lower Mekong in Laos

As plans move forward to develop Don Sahong, a dam designed for hydropower production in the 4,000 Island section of Southern Laos, the international community is taking notice. National Geographic put together some beautiful images depicting the traditional life in the area. Much of this area in Southern Laos is centered on fishing - traps can be found all around the waterfalls. Four thousand islands is an area of the Mekong where the river spreads out rather wide, and includes a number of islands, some large enough for communities of people. Missing from the images are the tourists who descend on 4,000 communities in tank tops, looking to party and play in the river or kayak out to see the river dolphins. The dolphins, Irrawaddy dolphins found only in rivers of Asia, are particularly vulnerable to the changes that will come due to the construction of the dam. Don Sahong is a dam considered controversial and construction was halted for a period of time for the Mekong River Commission to review the plans. Development resumed some months ago. Financing is coming in large part from Malaysia, a regional trade partner.

To Dam or Not to Dam? 12 Photos of the Mekong River

Explore the rapids, waterfalls, and islands of Southeast Asia’s Mekong river.

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