21 April 2019

New Posts - Missouri River Basin 2019

Hello All - it has been a minute since I have maintained this blog on the regular. In the next weeks I will post a series of stories centered on the flooding in the midwest, in the Missouri River Basin.

I am currently living within the Yankton Sioux Tribe's Reservation in a town called Lake Andes. The stories will start right here, in Lake Andes, South Dakota. Lake Andes is the name of a town and a lake, and the lake itself has overtopped it's banks and made state highways and roads impassable. The water table is so high that local basements are flooding. I heard that a local sump pump seller sold 2300 pumps last week during the blizzard. We have more rain coming. And the spring melts are on their way from upstream.
Highway 281 is closed due to flooding just east of Lake Andes, South Dakota © 2019 Jennifer Veilleux

These personal stories and what is happening locally connects with the bigger picture of the region, the basin, and the country.

The stories and photographs I will share are about people's connection with water. This region experiences flood and drought and everything in between. Water is critical, as we all know well, but this place is also critical for USA food production. Certainly the floods this winter and spring are going to impact food prices because of challenges to production that the waters have brought to the soils, animals, and equipment.


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