11 July 2014

Nile River Visual Arts

An interview I conducted with visual artist Karina al Piaro, founder of Fondation Monde Perdu, has been published in the most recent release of Zamaleck Magazine. Karina's work on the Nile River caught my attention in January 2013 when I met her during the Nile Project Aswan Workshop in Aswan, Egypt. At that time, she shared with me her work as well as the story behind her motivation. Earlier this year, we got together to get her words on paper in the interest of her latest exhibition release.

The subjects Karina selects for her work are the riverine peoples of the Nile River in Egypt. She captures their spirits working and playing in the Nile waters with her camera. She has recently released a new collection of her exquisite photography and will be on tour throughout the North Africa and Middle East countries in fall and winter this year.

The magazine is a print publication, but the images are below:

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