29 July 2014

Using Social Media for Scientific Advancement

This week I am attending a super interesting workshop at SESYNC a social and environmental science integration institute affiliated with the University of Maryland. We are discussing the size and shape of using social media for science - not only for collecting scientific data by considering humans as sensors for the world - but for creating platforms to provide an interaction with internet users.

I find that creating this blog, posting information on the Nile or Mekong dam projects has created some engaged ability as a research scientist. What I mean by this is that I have developed about 15 new direct contacts through this blog who A. provided actual data in the form of papers, reports, geospatial information, or B. gave feedback and/or support or criticism of the content of the blog.

I am left with the question: how do I better engage my readers to comment and interact with me on a given blog post? Is it a limitation of my content? Is it the reality of blogs that they are primarily a one-way relay of information out, not so much attracting information in? Is there a mechanism to ask for different or specific content you'd like to see?

If you have any suggestions, please send me a message. Or leave me a comment?

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