04 November 2016

Fundraising, Please Contribute So Our Research Gets Back to the Tribes

I am currently fundraising to send myself back north to share the analysis and work my team has pulled together this last month. So far I have raised close to half of the amount I need for logistics - total is estimated at $3000 for airfare, ground transportation, hotels, food, materials, etc.

My trip is scheduled for mid-November, I have bought the plane tickets already, and I plan to bring our new maps, a report, and more dialogue for collaboration with the Elders I met in Standing Rock on my last trip. Since this is a collaboration with the Tribes, I require their input about where we are taking this work and we would like to do this face-to-face meeting.

We would also like to further discuss plans for continued collaboration in mapping the oral histories and traditional knowledge from the Tribes about the landscape in the Missouri River Basin. I am currently looking for funding for that as well, but that is another situation!

Please consider contributing to my fundraiser, every dollar counts.

Thank you!

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