05 November 2016

New Water Security of the Missouri River Project Page

On my website, I put up a simple project page for:

Water Security of the Missouri River and Potential Impacts from the Dakota Access Pipeline on People and the Environment Project

You can find high resolution images of our two published maps and there are more maps in the making as I write this. Also, I am creating a list of the some of our team members, so you can get an idea of the interdisciplinary background we collectively possess. Our potential projects are listed  and I hope in the coming weeks we will start to populate those links as well. For now, they are simply - coming soon.

I am putting out a public call for anyone interested to help out with small pieces of what we are doing. There are many tasks that take 3 -5 hours of concentrated attention. Please let me know if you want to work on something by contacting me through my website.


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