14 March 2014

Middle East Monitor Story on Renaissance Dam from Displacement to Diplomacy

The recent article by Middle East Monitor covers different scales of the current Nile debate, and includes Sudan in the discussion. There is a nice general coverage of issues surrounding Merowe dam, a large dam built in Sudan with Chinese funds that displaced tens of thousands of people - I think 50,000 was the official number. Ali Askouri, a colleague who has written a book about his personal experience as a displaced person from the dam is quoted at the outset of the piece, giving the human dimension to the resulting story.

Catherine Pfeiffer is also quoted in the article - you may remember her from an earlier post on research: http://jveilleux.blogspot.com/2013/11/feature-series-field-experience-in.html

The author, Amelia Smith, then digs into the Ethiopia-Sudan-Egypt debate and brings up good points to create an engaging narrative in a more indepth look at the issue and surrounding issues in the Eastern Nile basin.

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