12 March 2014

Short Video on Renaissance Dam Media Conflict Coverage

The attached video is Justin Quinn's work on covering the conflict over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
Very professional job on this Justin - should secure your final grade. :)

The video was created for an undergraduate water conflict and cooperation course offered through Oregon State University's Water Program and Geography Department. One of the students and my colleague, Justin Quinn, asked me to speak about the Renaissance Dam and my related research. The Renaissance Dam serves as an example of conflict/cooperation issue on transboundary water sharing currently in the news.

*My research is more about the Ethiopia national position and local soon-to-be-displaced communities near the GERD, but I make an attempt to make informed comments on the basin as a whole and the ongoing dialogue with Egypt-Ethiopia.

**I am wrong about Egypt's cotton export position. They are not 2nd or 3rd in the world of exports. However, Egypt is one of the world's leading sources of raw cotton product. I haven't found readily available numbers, but it looks like Egypt exports to the developing world, cotton is turned into products, and then the products are sold in the developed world as clothing, sheets, etc. My point is that the water issue, while relevant and important for all Egyptian citizens, is especially important to the government because of the national economy and hydroelectric generation. In my opinion, Ethiopia will not turn off the tap and threaten Egyptian citizens.

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